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Sourav kumar
14 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
In this framework of political dispersion, it is clear Phone Number List that there is a powerful tendency that is committed to recovering the old polarization. Those who push it are precisely those who benefited from it by presenting themselves as the "poles" of the dominant Phone Number List binary opposition. That is, the two candidates leading the polls: former minister Andrés , for Unión la Esperanza, and banker Guillermo Lasso, for the Creating Opportunities party in alliance Phone Number List with the Social Christian Party. The underlying social force driving this tendency to Phone Number List reinvigorate the old polarization is a critical economic and social environment. The economic and fiscal crisis, the adjustment and austerity policies, the economic and health collapse exacerbated by the covid-19 pandemic and deepened by the incompetence and Phone Number List corruption of the Moreno government are all factors that arouse intense social indignation. It is the perfect storm in which radical discourses and hopes are deployed most successfully or that are intended as such. Lasso presents himself as the standard bearer of an alternative business model to "." Nothing new under the sun. Private Phone Number List initiative, tax reduction, foreign investment that will pour in due to trust in a serious government and a minimal State. Oil and mining are presented this time as the Phone Number List heart of the promised recovery, seasoned with subsidized loans for small agricultural businesses at 1% interest and 30 years. The publicized result of such a recipe is two million new jobs, instead of the million that was propagandized in the last elections with the same measures. Andrés is a young second-line Phone Number List official, and with a technical profile, from , almost unknown until now. Precisely for these reasons he was chosen: he can present himself as "new" and "fresh", while he vindicates without Phone Number List extenuation, nor the shadow.
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Sourav kumar

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